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Our mission is to provide worry-free projects to our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Building A First-Rate Team

If you are a professional who cares about delivering excellence for your clients and your team and being rewarded for it by your company, you should give us a shout.

Our Core Values


Create, nurture and improve: Customers, Suppliers, External and Internal


Treat each other with empathy at all times.
Be respectful, professional and honest.
Show a positive, “can do, want to” attitude towards others -each of us are accountable for our own actions.
Say thank you when someone does something for you.


Do what we commit to doing -on time, with quality-and a smile. Be consistent and credible.
Stop others from making mistakes.
Under promise, over deliver.


Collaborate with customers and suppliers to passionately solve problems. Use innovative and creative thinking to deliver quality solutions.


The fuel that propels our organization. Profit allows us to focus on relationships, create a positive culture, be dependable, and give value to the marketplace. Without it we cannot serve.

Why Work With Us

A career should be meaningful; work can offer great utility to yourself, your family, your community and your world. We believe in creating a workspace that you enjoy participating in daily, allows you to contribute to society while supporting your goals, and gives you the opportunity to become a master at your chosen craft. Here’s how we deliver on our commitment to building a positive work community.

Salary and Benefits

Support your priorities with skills you’ve acquired and continue to build. We provide a competitive salary and benefits equal to your value as a Hemm’s team member.

Community Involvement

Our leadership and employees are engaged in the communities they live and work in. From serving on various local boards to providing numerous community scholarships, we know that we are only as strong as the community we serve.

Employee Development

We work hard to develop our team of quality employees. With weekly production meetings, plus onsite and classroom training, we help each employee become the best that they can be. In return, our company is much better prepared to service each of our customer’s needs. We are committed to developing superior tradespeople and providing ongoing career opportunities.

Excellence and Safety

You deserve to feel secure in your daily workspace. Safety is our top priority at every level of the company, and all workers are empowered to take corrective action should the need arise.

About Hemm’s

Founded in 1948, R.C. Hemm started Hemm’s Glass Shops in our original Piqua, OH location. Now, we are excited to build the next generation of quality glaziers and craftsmen and are committed to producing results of the highest quality and service. Hemm’s is here to serve the Midwest with dependable expertise, personable customer service and a passion for our community.